Etchinghill Cricket Club

The cricket club is appealing for new, younger players, who are keen to play and to assist with groundwork and the general upkeep of the club.

To arrange a meeting and to find out more information, please contact either:

Keith Woolett 07896 717787 OR....

Pete Gerrard 01303 249288

Your support in keeping this long-standing club flourishing, will be greatly appreciated.


Kent Highways - Vegetation Management

Dear Resident

Every year throughout the spring and summer KCC Highways & Transportation receive numerous complaints regarding trees, hedges and other vegetation, which overhang the highway from private property. This matter can pose a number of problems for people trying to use the footways, especially if they are trying to pass with buggies, wheel chairs and scooters.  It would be greatly appreciated if you could ensure that any trees and hedges that are bordering the Highway are maintained and cut back to your boundary which would greatly benefit all Highway users. This will help us all keep the highway safe and prevent the need for KCC Highways & Transportation writing to you requesting that you cut back your vegetation.

So that you are aware of our requirements, please refer to the text below.

If the boundary of your property borders the footway, then please be aware that:

The full width of the footway/pavement must be available for use by pedestrians.

As well, there must be a minimum height clearance over the footway/pavement of 2.1 metres / 7 feet for any vegetation.

If the boundary of your property borders the carriageway, then please be aware that:

If you have vegetation that overhangs into the road, there must be a minimum height clearance of 5 metres / 16 feet, to accommodate buses and HGV’s that may use the road.

If your property is rural, then vegetation should be 0.45 metres / 1’6” feet behind   the edge of the road and all signs need to be kept clear of foliage for at least 20 metres.

Also, I would ask that you pay special attention to your trees, hedges and vegetation if your property is on or near a junction, and/or inside bend of the road, to  maintain maximum visibility for road users.

Finally, I would like to thank you for the time taken to read this article and wish you a pleasant summer. I am looking forward to working with yourselves and your parish to keep the roads as safe and clear as possible.

Highway Steward

Kent County Council Highways & Transportation

Thanks to Colin Manvell, Lyminge Parish Coucillor, for submitting the above article.



  • Thanks to Graham Barber for forwarding the following information. The item is on the front page of Rural News 134, featured in Action with Communities In Rural Kent.

'David Cameron has announced a comprehensive package of new measures to help hard-working homes, businesses and farmers hit by the floods'.

The measures include:

For more information: ‚Äč

Newly Planted Cherry Orchard at Spicer's Farm

The following item, and accompanying photograph, has kindly been submitted by Bob Laslett, Chairman of the Chaucer Group and the new owner of Margate F.C.

"I like trees, I also like cherries so it seemed a logical thing to do to create a new cherry orchard. 

The newly planted orchard contains a mix of traditional English fruit trees, mainly cherries but also plums, a few apples and pears plus a row of walnut trees. 

There is quite a variety of different but very traditional trees including both black and white cherries as well as some 'Morello' cherries and 'Old Green Gage' and 'Victoria' plums, 'Worcester' and 'Beauty of Bath' apples, etc. 

It is very much a traditional orchard, the rows are wide spaced not like the modern commercial orchards we are so used to seeing now in Kent. 

The orchard contains some 2000 trees which have all been staked and seem to be surviving the dreadful wind and rain which has not stopped since the orchard was planted.  Hopefully it will brighten-up Etchinghill in the Spring when the blossom is out and maybe give heart to golfers as they struggle up the hill to the back nine opposite!   

In the interest of neighbourliness and safety I have put a new stile with a dog gate at the entrance to the footpath on Canterbury Road, also I have trimmed the footpaths and placed seating strategically for us older people to rest upon when climbing the hill."
Bob Laslett




Footpath Access From Teddars Leas Across Meadow To Lince Woods

The following article will also feature in February's edition of the Lyminge Newsletter and has been reproduced here with the kind permission of the author, Mr Jim Parris.

Residents of Etchinghill will be aware that footpath access from Teddars Leas Road across the meadow to Lince Woods has recently been stopped following the installation of locked gates by the landowner  and the lodging of an application under the 1980 Highways to stop public access.

I have submitted an application to Kent County Council for the installation of  a Public Footpath across the meadow to the Lince Woods.  I am currently collecting information on the previous usage of the current footpath, which I understand has been in use for over 20 years.

I would welcome statements from local residents who can confirm that this pathway has been in use for many years so that this evidence can be used to support the application.

Please contact me in writing to:

Jim Parris, Wingate, Teddars Leas Road, Etchinghill

or by email