Held on 13th April 2016

Present: Dave McCombe (DM), Geraldine McCombe (GM), Colin Manvell (CM) (LPC), Lorna Molten (LM), Joyce Knapton (JK), Chris Barnett (CB) and Terry Rawbone (TR)

Apologies:  There were no apologies.

Welcome:  DM welcomed everyone to the meeting.  DM said that following the sad death of Lorraine who was a highly valued member of the Committee, as well as being a relative and friend, he would ask for understanding if the meeting was not run as smoothly as usual.

Minutes of the Last Meeting:  The Minutes of the last meeting were approved.

Matters Arising:

Village Sign Planning Application:   CB confirmed that the planning application had been sent in.

Treasurer’s Report:  JK reported that the balance in the account is £3517.07 and £262.82 as at 12 April 2016.  Not included are the takings from the Cinema Club for March.  JK reported that the payments for the insurance and the Cinema Club licence will be due in June and August respectively.  LR was a signatory on the account and CB has agreed to become a signatory.

Cinema Club:  The Committee agreed that Lorraine had done exceptional work in running the Cinema Club and she would be a very hard act to follow.  DM reported that he had done some firefighting and submitted the advertising for next month’s film.  It was agreed that the film show for 18 April should still go ahead and TR confirmed that he had no objection and had already put up the banners.  GM has purchased the film and we have sufficient willing helpers.  It was agreed that a few words would be said in respect of LR at the start of the showing.  It was also agreed that we could not accept any more new members as we are currently over-subscribed and TR recommended a seating capacity of 90 persons maximum.  As we are now not wishing to attract more members it was agreed to limit the advertising of films to the Lyminge Newsletter, Shepway Advertiser, the website and 2 posters in Lyminge (library and noticeboard) and 3 in Etchinghill (Village Hall and 2 noticeboards).  LM said that Barbara Newing(BN) had offered support in the interim period with regard to choosing and applying for the films for July to November and LM agreed to assist her.  DM said that he now had the email list for members and it was agreed that he would contact them and advise that they would no longer receive notification by email each month as the information was in the bi-annual programme and advertised locally.

Village Sign:  DM reported that he has contacted David Skinner regarding a third costing for the grant applications.  The planning application has been agreed by Shepway District Council (SDC) and GM will contact Kent Highways Roadworks Team for the licence and apply for the grants from Susan Carey and LPC.  CB will circulate the design agreed at the last meeting to the Committee.  GM to establish costs for moving the planter and contact Dial Before You Dig for costs for the underground searches.  CB will draft a letter for requests for donations.  Funding for All are holding a fair in June in Tunbridge Wells but it was decided that we would not attend as we have received guidance from them at our previous meetings with them. 

Age UK:  CM advised that Hythe and Lyminge Age UK are running a session at Lyminge Centre on 27 April at 3pm as they are concerned about the lack of take up of services by the community and he would forward the communication to the Committee.

Bus Shelter:  CM advised that he is keen for LPC to provide a bus shelter opposite Upstreet Cottages and he would be writing to residents of Meriden Walk and Upstreet advising them of why he believes the bus shelter would be beneficial to the village.

Bench:  CM reported that LPC will be replacing the bench on the corner of Teddars Leas and Canterbury Road which has fallen into disrepair.

Etchinghill Village Hall:  JK has resigned as our liaison member on the Village Hall Committee and CM has agreed to act for the ERA as he already attends on behalf of the LPC.   

Fun Quiz:   The quiz to be held on 7 May has been advertised in the Lyminge Newsletter and DM will liaise with Ann Baker (AB) regarding who will be running the quiz (youth or DM).  GM advised that 2 tables had already been booked.

Queen’s Teaparty:  Discussion took place around competitions and events to be held at the Queen’s Teaparty on 12 June and it was decided to have a further meeting to finalise the event.  DM will design a half page advertisement for the Lyminge Newsletter.  CM advised that LPC will be providing a commemorative medallion to all primary school children in the Parish.

The meeting ended at 9.25pm.

The next meeting (Queen’s Teaparty Planning) will be held on 13th May at 2pm                                       






AT 19.30 PM



The Chairman, David McCombe, supported by 18 residents.


Welcome & Apologies: 

The Chairman welcomed everyone and received apologies from       Joyce Knapton, Karen Hickman, Robert Godfrey and Pat Manvell.


Minutes of the Previous Meeting:

The Minutes were distributed before the meeting.  Terry Rawbone proposed, Graham Barber seconded and the meeting agreed that the Minutes be recorded as a true record.


Matters Arising: 


Hedges:  Colin Manvell (CM) reported that the hedges in Canterbury Road had been cut to the required height.


Post Box:  Geraldine McCombe (GM) reported that the report from Royal Mail to the request for either another post box of the removal of the existing one to a safer place was that there are numerous safe vehicular stopping points within close proximity of the box and that there is no basis to consider moving the posting facility.


Chairman’s Report: 

The Chairman thanked the Committee and all volunteers for their hard work throughout the year.  He also thanked Cllrs Colin Manvell, Chris Barnett, Karen Hickman and Ann Baker for their support and help, Lynne Rogers for planting and maintaining the planter and all residents who have donated/helped during the year.


Cancelled Events:

Unfortunately the Youth Bake Off and Children’s Fun Day being organised by the youth group did not take place due to their commitments with examinations.  The Open Mic Fund Raiser for Air Ambulance and the Multiple Sclerosis Society was cancelled, despite having enough acts willing to perform, due to lack of support of an audience.  Our thanks go to the Village Hall for waiving the hire charges for these events.



·        The Spring litter-pick in April as part of Clean Kent was a success with 20 helpers turning out to clear litter.

·        The Spring Quiz was a great success with 54 people attending and enjoyed by all.

·        The Big Lunch was attended by 30 people and, although a disappointing turn-out, those who did come enjoyed themselves.

·        The Autumn litter-pick was successful although only 12 helpers turned out on the day.  The Chairman and Secretary were away but had cleared Westfield Lane the week before taking a full car load to the recycling centre.  Interim clean ups are planned for the future with equipment donated by Cllr Susan Carey.  Our thanks go to the Village Hall for allowing us to use the kitchen free of charge.

·        The Christmas Tree Lighting-Up was well attended with Cllr Susan Carey switching on the lights.  Although damp and windy everyone enjoyed the event.  Thanks to the volunteers for helping erect and dismantle the shelter in trying conditions.

·        The website is being maintained by myself but there is room for improvement.  My time and skills are limited and I do need help to improve the website and a decision will need to be made on whether to continue with the site in its current format or contract the work out to Mr Site (cost around £400-£500).


Support to Other Organisations:

·        I continue to update the web pages for the Village Hall and Neighbourhood Watch on an as and when required basis.

·        A donation of £150 was made to the Village Hall for the Mother and Toddler Group to buy new equipment.  Progress has been slow because, as they are a small group, it has been difficult for them to open a bank account which would enable them to apply for a Parish grant and receive monies from the Village Hall.

·        A donation of £86 was made to the Village Hall to replace the Christmas Decorations.

·        Speedwatch Team

·        Joyce Knapton is our liaison with the Village Hall Committee and we help on the Maintenance Team when required.


Treasurer’s Report:   

In the absence of the Treasurer the Chairman outlined the main points and the audited Report and Accounts are attached to these notes.  The Chairman thanked Graham Barber for auditing the accounts.  It was proposed by Colin Manvell and seconded by Lorraine Rawbone that the accounts be accepted.  The meeting agreed.


Parish Councillor’s Report: 

Councillor Colin Manvell’s report is attached.


Matters Arising

1)     Chris Price reported that the road markings at the junction of Canterbury Road with the golf club were faded to non-existent making turning into the golf club hazardous.  Chris Barnett suggested reporting the matter on the Kent Highways website and Cllr Colin Manvell agreed to report it as well.

2)     Barbara Collins-Newing asked how often the drains and pavements were cleared and Cllr Colin Manvell confirmed it is every 6 months.  She pointed out that there was a problem with running water at the junction of Westfield Lane/Teddars Leas Road/Tudor Cottage, cause unknown, and that there had been 4 incidents recently.  Cllr Colin Manvell said he would report the problem and also request that the leaves collecting in Canterbury Road are removed.


Election of Officers: 

Chairman – David McCombe proposed by Lorraine Rawbone and seconded by Graham Barber.

Secretary – Geraldine McCombe proposed by Graham Barber and seconded by Chris Price.

Treasurer – Joyce Knapton proposed by Graham Barber and seconded by Lorraine Rawbone.


There were no objections to the appointments.


Election of Committee Members: 

Chris Barnett - proposed by Ann Baker and seconded by Terry Rawbone. 

Lorna Molton - proposed by Barbara Collins-Newing and seconded by Janet Hooles.

Terry Rawbone - proposed by Graham Barber and seconded by Geraldine McCombe.   

Karen Hickman - proposed by Ann Baker and seconded by Colin Manvell.

Lorraine Rawbone - proposed by Janet Hooles and seconded by Chris Price.   

Councillor Colin Manvell proposed by Terry Rawbone and seconded by Eric Hooles.


There were no objections to the appointments.


Future Events/Projects for 2016:


Village Sign: 

The Chairman reported that progress has been made regarding erecting a sign and

Kent Highways have agreed in principle to the erection of the sign at the triangle at Teddars Leas Road, subject to planning permission and a licence from the Roadworks Team.  On the advice of Cllr Susan Carey a pre-planning application is to be submitted, prior to making the full planning application at a cost of £385.

Tenders will be obtained and the cost will be approximately £2500.


The Chairman thanked Susan Carey for her support and advice on grants and The Gatekeeper for a pledge of £300.


Design ideas were distributed for discussion amongst the attendees and the additions/deletions raised by members will be taken into account when finalising the finished design.


Barbara Collins-Newing said that a finger post would be a useful addition to the village.  The triangle would not be a suitable position for it if the Village Sign goes ahead and it was suggested that it could be put on the land near the golf club.  The Chairman said that it would be considered in the future. 


Litter Picks/Clean Up: 

These will be held in the Spring and the Autumn.  The ERA has accepted an offer from Cllr Susan Carey to provide equipment for use in between the proposed litter picks and Graham Barber agreed that the equipment could be stored in the container.  Barbara Collins-Newing asked if the notice boards could be included in the clean up.


Spring and Autumn Quizzes:

Ann Baker reported that the youth had ideas for a quiz in the Spring and would liaise with the ERA on a date. The Chairman said that, in the event of them being unable to hold the quiz themselves, he would be in a position to take it on.


Queens Tea Party:

In view of the lack of support at the 2015 Big Lunch it is proposed to try an event for The Queen’s 90th Birthday possibly in conjuction with events proposed by The Lyminge Association and Cllr Ann Baker will keep us informed of their plans.


Christmas Tree Lighting Up:

The event was very successful this year and will be held again in 2016 and Terry Rawbone and the Chairman will investigate a better sound system for the background music.



The bench at the junction of Teddars Leas/Canterbury Road, built and supplied by a local resident, is in disrepair and needs replacing and as a matter of courtesy the resident will be contacted.  A second bench for the amenity land is also proposed. Terry Rawbone said that the bench near the bus stop, originally thought to be in disrepair, just needs cleaning which he has agreed to do.  Terry Rawbone also suggested that the benches could be replaced with plastic at a similar cost to oak, which Cllr Manvell said may not be approved by the council, but the members present showed no enthusiasm for this idea.  Cllr Manvell said that benches formed part of the Parish Plan and funding could be available from the Parish Council.


Open Forum: 



Barbara Collins-Newing asked when the bulbs that were originally planted along the verge of Canterbury Road were likely to be replaced as this had not been done in time for next year.  The Chairman said that he would look into the matter.  It was also suggested that bulbs could be planted on the land near Meriden Park and Colin Manvell suggested contacting Ann Ethel for advice on when best to plant the bulbs.


Welcome Pack:

Edna Marsh asked whether the welcome leaflet which she received and found very useful when she moved in several years ago was still in existence.  Barbara Collins-Newing said that she and Wendy Preston had originally produced the welcome leaflet but it had not been maintained due to the frequent number of changes.  As most of the relevant information is available on the website Chis Barnett suggested that a simple card of welcome could be produced directing the new resident/s to the website for useful information.


Time of Future AGM:

Chris Barnett raised the matter of the time of this meeting suggesting that it was rather late in the evening for a large attendance.  Barbara Collins-Newing and Geraldine McCombe both said that in previous years different times had been tried without any greater success.  The Chairman said that it would be put on the agenda for the committee to discuss.


Village Trees Competition:

Ann Baker reported that Etchinghill has won a prize of a tree from the nominated supplier and that we needed to decide on the type of tree and where to put it.  Barbara Collins-Newing agreed to put an article in the Etchinghill Update for suggestions from residents as to what tree they would like and where it could be planted.  All suggestions to Ann Baker or Colin Manvell.


Children’s Park:

Ann Baker said that the children’s park was falling into disrepair and that two of the items had now been removed leaving the two frames as a trip hazard.  There are also problems with the slide and the rubber surface is coming away from the edge of the park leaving a gap which could be potentially dangerous for small feet.  The park is maintained by Shepway District Council and she asked that as many people as possible communicate with Shepway to show that the park is well used and needed by local residents.  Etchinghill Residents’ Association will also write to the council.


Befriending Scheme:

Ann Baker asked what was happening with regard to the scheme and Lorna Molton confirmed that the scheme is still running and one resident had been visited.  There had been no requests from other residents in Etchinghill and as the befrienders are all willing to travel a bit further she will look at expanding the scheme to Lyminge in the New Year.


Any Other Business:

Chris Price thanked the committee for all their hard work.


There being no other business the meeting closed at 9.05 pm.





Parish Council Report


Following the Local Elections of last May, four residents of Etchinghill were elected to the Parish Council


To represent Etchinghill Ward, Colin Manvell, Chris Barnett and Karen Hickman.


To represent Lyminge Ward, Ann Baker.


Areas of concern that the Councillors have looked at include;


The Bullimore Development site in Westfield Lane, together with the recent installation of a passing lay-bye.


Following a planning application dispute, planning agreement has been given for the retention of the container “shed” in the grounds of the Village Hall which is used to store large items of property


Cutting of Hedgerows




Speeding motorists.


A new Parish Plan may be has been discussed by the Council but it will need a committee of non-councillors to draw up a plan. All the items in the 2006 Parish Plan apart from getting agreement for a footpath outside Broad Street House were completed.


Separately, the Parish Council has drawn up a list of things that they would like to see undertaken as soon as possible. These are;


Upgrade of the allotments in Fordred Lane, Rhodes Minnis.


Acquisition of land adjacent to Lollipops.


Creation of a footpath outside Broad Street House.


Addition of sides to the bus shelter on Station Road opposite Mayfield Road.


Installation of a village sign in Etchinghill


Re-instatement of lighting on the footpath on Tayne Field.


Acquisition of the stables at the Coach & Horses to create a museum for Parish artefacts.


Councillor Manvell added that he personally would like to see a bus shelter sited in Canterbury Road opposite Up- Street Cottages. This would provide shelter for the several school children and other residents who currently wait for buses in inclement weather.


Also both he and Councillor Chris Barnett would like to see the 30 m p h limit area extended.


Councillor Manvell took several questions from the floor including concern of flooding from culverts, the poor state of the bench outside Up-Street flats.


Councillor Baker reported that following a recent inspection during the Village Trees Competition, Etchinghill had been awarded a prize of £25 to purchase a new tree.








AT 19.30 PM



The Chairman, David McCombe, supported by 29 residents.


Welcome & Apologies: 

The Chairman welcomed everyone and received apologies from Wendy Moppett, Sylvia Williams, Eric and Janet Hooles, Graham and Brenda Barber and Robert Godfrey.


Minutes of the Previous Meeting:

The Minutes were distributed before the meeting.  An error in the spelling of the surname of Eric and Janet Hooles under Parish Councillor’s Report was raised and following correction Wendy Preston proposed, Barbara Collins-Newing seconded, and the meeting agreed that the Minutes be recorded as a true record.


Matters Arising: 

There were no matters arising. 


Chairman’s Report: 

The Chairman thanked the Committee and all volunteers for their hard work throughout the year and reported how the year had gone.



  1. The New Year’s Eve Party was a success with approximately 64 people attending and another New Year’s Eve Party is planned for this year in conjunction with the Village Hall. 
  2. In March a well attended and successful Junior Bake Off was organised and another one is planned for 2015. 
  3. Two quizzes were held in May and October that were both profitable and successful despite the October quiz following a fundraising quiz two weeks earlier.
  4. On 1st June The Big Lunch was held with 40 residents and children and was enjoyed by all who attended, but it was a disappointing overall turnout given the amount of advertising and profile.  The Chairman appealed for more support in 2015 and said that the event date will be Sunday, 7th June.
  5. On August Bank Holiday Monday a BBQ/Petanque event was planned but, unfortunately, due to very bad weather on the day it had to be cancelled and there was no chance to try out the new event shelter.  It is hoped to hold the event next year. 
  6. The last event in 2014 is the Christmas Tree Lighting up on 30th November at 5 pm at the tree at Meriden Walk near the bus stop.  A choir, music and song sheets have kindly been organised by Wendy Moppett and mulled wine, mince pies and soft drinks for the children will be provided.  The Christmas tree at the Golf Club had been badly damaged and the committee are looking to replace it during 2015.


Good Neighbour Scheme:

The scheme is being set up by Barbara Collins-Newing and has volunteers who are currently awaiting training and DBS checks.  There has been a delay with the first checks as the paperwork has gone missing but this should be resolved in the near future.  Lorna Molton was co-opted to the committee as she has previous experience and we are looking to vote her on to the committee formally. 


Village Enhancements:

  1. Appeals have been made via flyers and the website for suggestions but, unfortunately, only one has been forthcoming for a village sign similar to that at Lyminge.  The ERA has been unable to consider this at the present time due to cost.
  2. We had hoped to run ‘Clean Kent’ with volunteers this year to clear rubbish, clean signs etc. but as this did not happen it will be considered for Spring 2015. 
  3. It has been brought to our attention that person or persons unknown have been placing household rubbish in the public litter bins and I would emphasise that these bins are for litter only and that all household rubbish should be disposed of in the wheelie bins provided by SDC or taken to the refuse centre.



The ERA has been woefully under insured but that has now been rectified and we now have cover in place for our volunteers, £5million public liability cover for events on SDC land and our assets are now insured.  There has been some overlap in premiums this year but only one policy will be in force for May 2015-2016.



The website was set up in January and the Chairman asked for a show of hands as to who had been on the site and who used it regularly and who had not got access to the internet.  Most residents at the meeting had been on the site, only a few used it regularly and one resident had no access to the internet.  The Chairman said that a web counter was needed but this was beyond his skills and he asked whether anyone knew of someone with the necessary knowledge.  Ann Baker suggested a resident who is a web designer.  An appeal was also made for photos or articles.



Edna Marsh asked the Chairman to thank, on her behalf, all the local residents and the services who turned out when her husband, Alan Marsh, did not return from his walk.  She did not know who the volunteers were but was very moved by the help and support she received from the village.  Thankfully Alan was found and after a short spell in hospital is now home and recovering well.




Matters Arising:

Barbara Collins-Newing reminded the Chairman that there had also been an Open Meeting in May which was very well attended.  The matters under discussion were The New Inn and other items of interest including The Good Neighbour Scheme, Spicers Orchard, Lince Woods and Neighbourhood Watch.


Treasurer’s Report:   

Joyce Knapton’s Report and Accounts are attached to these notes which have not yet been audited.  Graham Barber has agreed to audit the accounts but this will not be done until December as he is currently away.  The audited accounts will be published on the website and anyone wishing to receive a hard copy should contact the Secretary.   The balances in the accounts at 31st October 2014 are £2097.68 and £260.90 making a total of £2358.58.


Parish Councillor’s Report: 

Councillor Colin Manvell’s (CM) report is attached.


Matters Arising

  1. CM has approached SDC to have weeds and debris removed from paths and gullies and some work has already taken place.    
  2. The Japanese Knotweed at the Bullimore Site has been reported and chased and a site visit from David Sephton (SDC) is awaited.
  3. Speedwatch – Reports of speeding:  CM said that our numbers are low with 5 reports compared to Tonbridge with 1300 reports.
  4. CM said that the Parish Council extend their thanks to the Save The New Inn Committee for their excellent work.


Election of Officers: 

Chairman – David McCombe proposed by Terry Rawbone and seconded by Pat Manvell.

Secretary – Geraldine McCombe proposed by Colin Manvell and seconded by Lorraine Rawbone.

Treasurer – Joyce Knapton proposed by Edna Marsh and seconded by Barbara Collins-Newing.


There were no objections to the appointments.


Election of Committee Members: 

Terry Rawbone - proposed by Karen Hickman and seconded by Mark Willis.   Lorraine Rawbone - proposed by Chris Price and seconded by Barbara Collins-Newing. 

Karen Hickman - proposed by Wendy Preston and seconded by Ann Baker.   Lorna Molton - proposed by Pat Manvell and seconded by Barbara Collins-Newing. 

Chris Barnett - proposed by Wendy Preston and seconded by Edna Marsh. 

Councillor Colin Manvell was automatically appointed to the Committee.


There were no objections to the appointments.

The New Inn: 

Jonathan Hill reported that since May the 6-8 committee members had been working hard to save The New Inn in the belief that they had a 6 month moratorium to raise the monies needed to put in a bid.  However, this has not proved to be the case as the sale is the result of a debt and the 6 month moratorium period does not apply. The liquidators required highest bids and final offers to be lodged by 12 November.  Our original potential investor take up went from the initial several hundred thousand to under one hundred thousand following an investors meeting and the committee did not have time to finalise a business plan to attract bigger investors.  An email has been sent to the liquidators expressing our disappointment at not being able to bid and that we hoped that, in the spirit of the Assets of Community Value (England) Regulations 2012(ACV), The New Inn will remain a public house for the benefit of residents and visitors alike.  In response we have received a brief acknowledgement of our email.  The committee accepts that we have probably lost the battle of owning The New Inn but have hopefully saved the pub under the ACV.  The committee are convinced that given the time they could have raised the required investment and feel that SDC have let them down and we will have to wait and see whether the liquidators come back to us.  Chris Price thanked the committee for their efforts which was supported by the meeting.



Open Forum: 

Jonathan Hill said that the hedges in Canterbury Road are only trimmed to about 8 feet high which is no good for the buses and causes problems when they are trying to pass one another resulting in long hold-ups.  Another resident also raised the point that if the foliage was removed near the roundabout then visibility would be improved and would hopefully reduce accidents.  CM said that he was attending a Kent Highways meeting soon and would raise the matters with them.


Leslie Preston asked whether we could get a database together of all residents’ email addresses to notify them of village matters rather than keep dropping leaflets as we currently do.  It was acknowledged that we already have databases for the Cinema Club and Neighbourhood watch but the residents had only agreed to receive information on those specific items. The Chairman said that when we did the next leaflet drop we would ask residents to provide their email addresses for general village matters and see what level of take up we received.


A resident asked whether the post box could be moved to a better position, or even an additional post box provided in a different location, as she felt that cars parking to drop of letters were causing a hazard.   The Chairman said that we would approach the Post Office accordingly.


The telephone box next to the post box was also mentioned as being in a shabby condition.  CM said that the Parish Council would be happy for volunteers to maintain it.  The Chairman said it could be considered when doing the ‘Clean Kent’ initiative. 


Barbara Collins-Newing also asked whether the bulbs that were originally planted along the verge of Canterbury Road could be replanted as they are now past their best.  This will be considered in time for the planting season next year.


The matter of clearing drains was raised and CM confirmed that due to reduced funding drains would only be cleared every two years.


The subject of blocked/collapsed culverts was raised and CM said that this was a matter for Kent Highways.


Ann Baker asked whether a young member could be on the committee as with the Village Hall to represent the youth of the village.  It was agreed that there was no reason why not.   As the committee had already been elected it was suggested that a sub committee of youngsters could be formed and they could report back to the main committee.


Any Other Business:

Wendy Preston and Barbara Collins-Newing thanked the ERA for the flowers received on their retirement from the committee.


Edna Marsh thanked the committee for all their hard work.


There being no other business the meeting closed at 9.00 pm.